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Walking by Faith PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor Anthony   
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 19:59

Walking by Faith

(part 1)

A young boy is waiting on his school bus that appears to be super late. As his mother holds his hand he wiggles, twist, and rocks back and forth becoming flustered as he waits. Then a thought crosses his mind from Sunday school. He thought about how Daniel must have prayed while in the lions den. Then he thinks about Bugs Bunny and all his favorite cartoons. His mind goes all over the place and then he remembers! Daniel didn't become lion food. So he prayed a simple prayer, “God please help the bus get here quick”. Two minutes later the bus pulls up and he looks up and says, man God that was quick! His mom looks down at him and says great prayer the bus made it right on time.

Some time it appears that the answer to our prayers take a long time to manifest or happen. Sometime our minds race all over the place. Our thoughts appear to be random and scattered especially when we are Walking by Faith.

God calls everyone who will follow Him to walk by faith. So what does it mean to walk by faith? Everyone has a definition of this and everyone walks by faith even when they think they are not. Let me give you an example: A person wants to go out and eat dinner. They look in the phone book and pick out what they think to be the greatest Italian restaurant in the area. They pack up the family and on their way they go. They never anticipate bad weather, bad road conditions or even bad traffic. As they are traveling they never run into either of the three, it goes perfect, until they arrive. The famous, greatest long awaiting Italian gourmet was well worth the hunt. The atmosphere was more than ever anticipated. The food was out of this world! They loved it from the beginning til the end. The walk by faith was honored.Or were they really Walking by Faith?  Never ate there before, they found the spot by looking in a phone book, and it was never referred.  The moral of the story is they did something other than talk.

See friend, Walking by Faith is always an act and never just a thought. You can have what I call a “Faith Thought”. You can have great aspirations and overwhelming inspiration. But, if you never do anything with the aspirations or overwhelming inspiration it remains just that. So what do you do in the meantime or in the time before the manifestation? You prepare, study, pray, worship, and investigate: Then after that you do it again and not necessarily in that order. Walking by Faith will always draw thoughts that are contrary to your actions. These thoughts will come however after Godly inspiration and aspirations. Why does that happen? You ask. Because satan will always but always attack your thought life. Spiritual warfare begins with attacks against the mind. He will do this any way he can using people, surroundings, the job, your neighbor ,church folk and anything you allow to get under your skin.

As you mature in your walk with Christ you will come to understand that faith is obeying, trusting and following the leading of His Holy Spirit. Walking by Faith is always obeying the Word of God, trusting His word or direction, and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in the affairs of life.

Some think that God is not interested in the simple things of life. Some think that God could careless about the things that seem insignificant. My friend always hold this dear to your heart: God is touched by the very feeling of our infirmities. He cares about every single thing that affects our life. If He cares about the sparrow, then, He cares about us. You can walk by faith knowing that God awaits eagerly to honor your prayers of faith. Only believe and keep on believing.

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